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FBC is a members-only, decentralized launchpad and liquidity platform. Member NFT holders can propose and vote on the launch of memecoins on FBC by contributing to their launch liquidity pools. Launches are fully automated, decentralized, and created with locked liquidity, staking, and yield farming opportunities. This approach grants memecoins launched on FBC instant utility and maximized sustainability. Both project creators and participants are KYC'd to ensure security and compliance. Once the hard cap for a memecoin launch pool has been staked by members (LPs), the memecoin is automatically created with locked liquidity pools, and the memecoins are immediately claimable without any lockups or vesting. Smart contracts are audited, and ownership is renounced with zero possibility of a rug pull.

Launch or join unruggable memecoins on a decentralized platform with KYC and maximum security.

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Unlock member-only benefits at FOMO BULL CLUB! Gain exclusive launchpad access, first dibs on memecoin launches with up to a 5x allocation boost, and a 50% increase in yield farming.

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Staking & Farming

Earn bullish yields for staking $FOMO and launchpad memecoins in LP and single staking pools.

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A whopping 30% or 30 billion $FOMO tokens are reserved for various airdrops to Member NFT holders, the community, and creators.

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How are memecoins launched on fomo bull club?

The launchpad is the VIP lounge for Member NFT holders. We’re talkin’ being in control of proposing launches, voting on proposals, and getting in first.

Staking rewards

Exciting yield farming opportunities with $FOMO and launchpad meme coins and up to 50% more APR depending on your Member NFT level.
Member NFT holders can get up to 50% more Liquidity APY and 50% more LPT farming APR yield for selected pools. Yield is provided in the form of a reward token allocation when the pool is created. It contains a fixed number of tokens and depletes when the pool tokens provided are exhausted.
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community engagement

We’re crafting an exclusive, decentralized playground for all the relentless bulls out there, eager for their moment in the spotlight. FMBC is here to reopen the doors to the world of memecoins, offering you a  fresh chance to ride the wave of extraordinary gains.

By holding Member NFT you can propose and vote on either the launch of new or the re-launch of existing memecoins on FBC, by contributing to their launch liquidity pools

Staking and farming for $FOMO and memecoins enables users to stake liquidity for yield and participate in the growth and sustainability of memecoins within our decentralized community framework.

Being creative and active definitely pays off! Use your creativity, post on X, engage with our content to be seen and rank up in our X leaderboard. The Airdrops are waiting for you!

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Introducing $fomo and $steak

100 Billion $FOMO will be minted in total. They will be distributed into 8 main pools, each with different unlocking schedules.
The $FOMO token is a cornerstone of the FOMO Bull Club, providing users with access to the first decentralized, community-driven launchpad for memecoins. $FOMO is not just a regular token, you can stake, participate in airdrops and much more!
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The STEAK Token is a liquidity provider token (LPT) for the USDC/FOMO pair on the FOMO Bull Club platform. By staking STEAK Tokens, you can participate in our exclusive yield farming and earn lucrative rewards.
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FOMO BULL CLUB is a members-only, decentralized launchpad and liquidity platform for memecoins. It allows community members to propose, vote on, and launch new or re-launched memecoins with features like instant liquidity, staking, and yield farming.

How do I become a member of FOMO BULL CLUB?

To become a member, you need to purchase a Member NFT. These NFTs grant you exclusive access to propose and vote on memecoin launches, participate in the airdrops, and enjoy other benefits within the ecosystem.

What are the benefits of holding a Member NFT?

Member NFT holders gain early access to memecoin launches, up to 5x allocation boost in sales, a 50% increase in yield farming, and exclusive participation in community governance

How does FOMO BULL CLUB ensure the security of memecoin launches?

FOMO BULL CLUB uses audited smart contracts with renounced ownership, eliminating the risk of rug pulls. Additionally, both project creators and participants undergo KYC to ensure transparency and security.

What is STEAK and how is it used in FOMO BULL CLUB?

STEAK is the liquidity provider (LP) token you receive when you contribute to the USDC/FOMO liquidity pool on Uniswap. Holding STEAK makes you a stakeholder in the liquidity pool, earning trading fees. It is also used to provide liquidity for meme coin launch pools on FBC.

How can I participate in a memecoin launch on FOMO BULL CLUB?

To participate, you need to provide liquidity to the launch pool using STEAK tokens. This liquidity is used for the locked LP pools of the memecoins, and you receive the memecoins in return without any lockups or vesting periods.

What is the airdrop program for $FOMO tokens?

FOMO BULL CLUB has reserved 30 billion $FOMO tokens for various airdrops to Member NFT holders, the community, and creators. These airdrops will be rolled out in phases over the coming months.

What is the Earn program and how does it work?

The Earn program allows users to stake $FOMO or provide liquidity to the USDC/FOMO trading pair on Uniswap. By staking their LP tokens, users can earn high-yield APR, which can be boosted with a Member NFT.

How does the voting process work for memecoin launches?

Member NFT holders can vote on proposed memecoin launches. Once a memecoin reaches the required votes, it is launched on the FBC platform with locked liquidity pools, instant utility, and no risk of rug pulls.

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